Enterprise sync and share: IT tested, User approved.

Now individuals, teams and enterprises can share files with the simplicity users demand and manageability IT needs. It’s productivity paired with peace of mind.


Cubby overview

Work simply. Work securely.

Cubby allows individuals, teams and entire workplaces to easily and securely work together, anywhere. Files are stored in the cloud for anywhere access, shared with others publicly or privately, or even directly synced between devices without using the cloud. And to keep company data secure, Cubby helps IT easily manage users, policies and devices from one central location.

Built for security

When working in the cloud, it’s natural to be a little nervous about safety. Rest assured that Cubby protects your information so your data stays secure.

  • Built on LogMeIn’s own Gravity Data Services, so information is never shared with a third party
  • Protects data with AES 256-bit client-side encryption, as used by online banks
  • Locally synced data and passwords can be wiped from employees’ devices when lost, stolen or an employee leaves the company
  • Real-time activity monitoring lets you know what content is being shared, how and with whom

Built for flexibility

Cubby flows with your workflow. There’s no need to change the way you work or bend to a cloud’s will.

  • Turn folders into cubbies where they live on your computer, and keep file structures in tact
  • Share documents with anyone and everyone, without letting them make changes to your cubbies
  • Collaborate in privately shared cubbies to work on the same set of files, and access unlimited versions in the archives
  • Work anywhere with Cubby on as many devices as you need

Built for business

Cubby is the best of both worlds – a cloud that users actually love with the security and manageability businesses urgently need.

  • Easy interface means minimum tool time, so users can get down to business fast
  • Keep teams working smoothly and securely with sharing, syncing and security permissions and settings
  • Centrally manage users’ access and permissions with policy management
  • Simply deploy Cubby across your organization, and use domain-based administration to own and manage all employee accounts

How's it different?

A simple, secure way to get work done.

It seems like most cloud storage solutions operate under the motto, “You can’t always get what you want.” They offer simplicity, but lack security. They have manageability, but lack flexibility. Cubby puts it all together, simply. It gives you the flexibility to work the way you want, the security for peace of mind in the cloud, and the manageability that keeps businesses in control.

“I've used SkyDrive, DropBox and others, but Cubby is just exactly what I need – an app that allows me to easily choose where I want to 'cubby' my stuff, not an app that makes me rearrange ALL of my folder structures in order to work.”

“Wow. This completely blows away Dropbox or any other cloud provider at the moment. Multiple cubbies and DirectSync raises the bar for the standard of cloud syncing solutions.”


Boost productivity without breaking the budget.


Sync and store with simple cloud access

5GB Free

Single user


Sync, share and store with premium features.

Single user with
Introductory offer


, pre-paid annually


Manage users and company data with enhanced security.

share 1TB


pre-paid annually

For quantities above 1000 users, contact our sales team (+1-877-205-6380, US toll-free), or write to us.

Basic Pro Enterprise
Private and public sharing
Unlimited versioning and file size uploads
Desktop and mobile apps (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
Client-side encryption (AES 256-bit encryption)
DirectSync™ *
Cubby Locks (user-held encryption keys)
Device wipe
Admin activity log
Policy management
MSI deployment
Domain-based administration
ADFS integration
Cloud storage 5GB 100GB per user 1TB per five
* DirectSync™ allows users to sync an unlimited amount of data across their devices and with others without using cloud storage