About LogMeIn.

LogMeIn, Inc., Nasdaq:LOGM provides essential cloud services to individuals, businesses and IT organizations for remote access, collaboration, customer care and remote IT management.

Proven success

LogMeIn’s services are used by more than 15 million people to quickly, simply and securely connect over 150 million internet-enabled devices across the globe – computers, smartphones, iPad™ and Android™ tablets and digital displays.

Where we live

LogMeIn is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with offices in Australia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK.

A platform for success

Cubby is built on LogMeIn's Gravity Data Services, LogMeIn's own, proprietary data synchronization and storage cloud. Architected to deliver secure, high-scale data sync and storage capabilities at incredibly low cost, the new Gravity Data Services has been designed to help bring new offerings, like Cubby, to market, as well as to introduce cloud data benefits into virtually any other offering, service or application. LogMeIn plans to use Gravity Data Services to expand its suite of essential cloud offerings, add a variety of new cloud data capabilities to its existing family of access, customer care and remote IT management products, and create opportunities for 3rd parties to build their own cloud offerings on LogMeIn's platform.


"Anywhere, anytime, any device access to information is quickly going from aspiration to expectation, and we're only in the beginning of the post-PC era. We believe Gravity Data Services will play a key role in delivering the essential cloud services required in a time when virtually anything can be connected to the Internet," said Michael Simon, LogMeIn's CEO. "We see this as both a natural extension of our business today and key step towards dramatically expanding the types of services we offer to consumers and businesses in the future."