Hi, we’re Cubby.

Cubby is a cloud data service powered by LogMeIn, Inc. It lets business users share information simply and securely across PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and with others.

Here’s what we do

The first service built on LogMeIn's very own cloud data sync and storage platform, Cubby lets people turn any number of PC or Mac folders into 'cubbies' that can be accessed from other devices, stored in the cloud, and shared with colleagues. Cubby also gives people the option to simply share or sync an unlimited amount of information across their own computers and with others without going through the cloud. As a result, people businesses have the flexibility and security to share and access information in or out of the cloud, collaborate anywhere, and be more productive across the organization.


"When it comes to sharing data in the cloud today, most solutions on the market are ultra simple but inflexible, or highly flexible but inherently complex. We see Cubby as an opportunity to deliver an ideal balance of simplicity and flexibility," said Marton Anka, LogMeIn's CTO. "It is designed to adapt to the way people naturally interact with their information – to deliver the benefits of the cloud without forcing people to change their behavior."