Meticulously built for simplicity.

If you’ve used or looked into other cloud storage solutions, you know the pain. On one hand, public cloud services notoriously lack effective security and are unmanageable centrally. On the other hand, enterprise solutions may have IT controls, but are too complex for end users. Cubby brings the best of both worlds together: the simplicity users want with the security businesses need.

Basic features

Public and private sharing

Cubby makes collaboration easy by letting you share cubbies privately, so teams can access and update files to stay on the same page. Or, they can send a link to everyone who needs to view the files. Since publicly shared files can’t be edited, the original stays safe.

Unlimited versioning

Ever wish you had an older version of a newly updated file? When you use Cubby, you get unlimited versioning, so you can go as far back in time as necessary to find the file you need.

Pro features

Device wipe

With Cubby, you can remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, so you never have to worry about data getting into the wrong hands. Plus, with Cubby enterprise, device wipe lets you remove stored passwords and locally synced information from employee devices.


Sync unlimited folders across computers for a secure way to share with the cloud. Individuals can sync folders across their own computers, so their files are always at their fingertips. And teams can securely sync with each other, so they can work on the same files. DirectSync does not count against cloud storage limits.

Cubby Locks

Although Cubby is secure, sometimes you want an extra level of protection for sensitive documents. Enter Cubby Locks. It’s like putting your cubby in a lockbox and only you have the key to unlock it. You’ll need to enter a password each time you want to access a locked cubby.

Enterprise features

Centralized IT control

Cubby gives you the control to oversee how company information is used, and distribute and safeguard data appropriately. Common deployment tools make installing Cubby on remote machines easy. Plus, you can manage public link creation and usage, sharing outside the company, syncing and storing on mobile devices and more.

Activity log

Cubby’s activity log allows you to monitor employee activity in real time, so you can know who is sharing which files, how they’re being shared and with whom. You can even filter activity events by employee, event type or date to quickly identify policy breaches or threats.

ADFS & Domain-based administration

Automatically own and manage all employee Cubby accounts within a given domain. And through Active Directory, you can enable single sign-on, so you can access accounts quickly.

“I must say I love the idea behind Cubby. I'm very private with my personal information and I love being able to only store online what I am comfortable with.”
– Jora S.

“Cubby fixes all the weaknesses I didn't like about Dropbox. Just being able to make any folder a Cubby and not have to change my overall workflow is awesome. Thanks.”
– Dennis M.