The entire company’s digital workspace.

Cubby is the easiest and most flexible way to keep your files organized at your command, both for individual productivity and shared collaboration. Meanwhile, enterprise-level security and manageability controls give business and IT leaders peace of mind that company data is secure. Everyone wins.

Be here, there, everywhere

A cubby is any folder you want to have on all your computers, available from any device, stored at or shared publicly or privately. Once a folder is a cubby, you can get to it from anywhere.

Make any folder a cubby

Turn any folder into a cubby without relocating it by dragging the folder icon to the Cubby desktop application or by right-clicking it (PC). This keeps your original file structure in place so you can continue to work the way you want. If you prefer, you can move any folder into the My Cubby folder, which lives in the cloud, not on your desktop.

- Available with pro and enterprise -

Sync without limits,
without the cloud

Some companies simply don’t want their information in the cloud. With DirectSync™, you can sync folders directly between your computers and with others without the cloud. DirectSync doesn’t count against cloud storage limits, so sync as many petabytes as you need.

Share with colleagues

Send a cubby to anyone and everyone with a public link. They’ll be able to access the files inside but won’t be able to edit them. When you want to collaborate, invite colleagues to your cubby with their email address. They can make changes to your documents, and the latest file will always be in your shared cubby.

- Available with pro and enterprise -

Extra security

Cubby protects your data with AES 256-bit encryption, the same security used by online banks, and client-side encryption that happens on your desktop. When you require extra protection for sensitive information, you can activate Cubby Locks, which protects cubbies with a password.

– Available with enterprise –

Management controls

Cubby gives team leaders and IT managers the control they need to keep their companies secure. Admins can keep teams working smoothly and securely with sharing, syncing and security settings. And IT can have more control, including managing access, permissions and security of corporate data.

“My wife and I run two businesses. Being able to sync all our websites without blinking is awesome! With Cubby, we can sync all our files directly between computers without having to store in the cloud, saving our businesses lots of money. WE LOVE CUBBY!”
– Phil H.

“I am Medical Researcher and was always overwhelmed by requests from colleagues to share my collection of medical research and writing. Cubby has made my life very easy. I have placed my entire folder in my cubby and shared it with colleagues worldwide, allowing me to share knowledge with a single click.”
– Farooq R.