“By LogMeIn” is
synonymous with security.

A reputation for security

LogMeIn has a decade of experience delivering products that are architected to deliver world-class, high-scale security and used worldwide by millions of individuals and businesses, from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

Built from the ground up

In contrast to many of our competitors who rely on public cloud services to deliver their offerings, Cubby is built on LogMeIn’s Gravity Data Services, our own proprietary data synchronization and storage cloud. That means we protect your data just as carefully as we protect our own cloud, and we refuse to let outside parties get their hands on it.

AES 256-bit encryption

While the current acceptable standard is AES128-bit encryption for sending and receiving sensitive information, Cubby uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect all data sent to the cloud, the same security used by online banks and shopping sites.

Client-side encryption

With Cubby, encryption not only takes place over the Internet, but also on your desktop. Any content added to Cubby through your desktop app is automatically protected with client-side encryption.

- Available with pro and enterprise -

An extra layer of protection

Sometimes you want an extra level of protection for sensitive documents, in which case Cubby Locks can be activated. When a cubby is locked, you must enter your account password to access it. Cubby Locks provides a special code for each locked cubby called a Recovery Key, which would be needed in the event that you forget your password.

- Available with pro and enterprise -

A cloudless option

Despite our best security practices, we know some people just aren’t 100% onboard with using the cloud, so we don’t force anyone to use it. Cubby gives you the option for DirectSync™, the ability to sync your data securely and directly between computers without storing it in the cloud.

– Available with enterprise –

Device wipe

Lost and stolen devices or departing employees should never be a risk to data stored locally or in the cloud. With Cubby, device wipe lets you remove stored passwords and locally synced information from devices in seconds.

– Available with enterprise –

Designed for IT control

Cubby allows you to quickly revoke private access from anyone who has access to your files. We also allow you to remotely disable public links to your data in a matter of seconds. With Cubby, you’re always in control.

– Available with enterprise –

Extra IT security

Cubby enterprise gives you the control to oversee how company information is used, and to distribute and safeguard data appropriately. Plus, you can centrally manage public link creation and usage, sharing outside the company, syncing and storing on mobile devices and more.

For more information on how Cubby keeps businesses safe and secure, check out our Security Infrastructure whitepaper.